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The purpose-built Range Extended Electric (REE) Metrocab taxi represents the cutting edge of green transportation design.
The new advanced Metrocab incorporates the latest technology for comfort, performance and safety whilst providing unrivalled cost savings.

Britain’s most secure vehicle provides unprecedented protection from hackers

Tuesday 28th June, 2016
Metrocab unveiled at top technology car show

A car equipped with the most advanced software protection system yet seen on British roads is unveiled today (Tuesday 28th June) at a leading technology show, helping to guard motorists and passengers against the growing threat of malicious hacking.

The pioneering technology developed by Frazer-Nash Research Ltd, the British technology and electric powertrain developer, is built into Ecotive’s Metrocab taxi, the only zero-emissions capable taxi on the road in Britain.

Britain’s most secure vehicle provides unprecedented protection from hackers

Black cabs adopt home entertainment and office communications

New black cab for London as High Court throws out legal challenge

Wednesday January 20th, 2016

A new black cab for London will take to the streets this year after the High Court today (Wednesday) dismissed an attempt to block production of the ultra-low emissions taxi.
The Metrocab plug-in range-extended electric vehicle will help improve air quality by tackling emissions of diesel fumes, allowing cities like London to meet international air quality standards.

Latest video showing customer reactions to the Metrocab

The all-new Metrocab, from makers Frazer-Nash Research Ltd and Ecotive Ltd, which has been operating on a pilot fleet basis in London since November 2014, is proving very popular with its first customers, as depicted in our video.

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Technologically Efficient

The new Metrocab is driven by two independent brushless electric motors. A small petrol engine, coupled with a generator - the 'Range Extender' - is used to recharge the battery pack or provide power directly to the motors.
Plug-in charging is also achieved via any mains outlet when the taxi is off duty.
Zero-emissions in electric mode and regenerative braking all ensure a low fuel consumption through the course of the working day.
Achieving 99.4 mpg on the ECE101 Cycle, this technologically efficient taxi offers greater economic benefits for the driver and operator.

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Safety & Comfort

Designed from the ground up, Metrocab has the latest technologies in comfort and safety.
The new Metrocab has been designed to make the ride as pleasant as possible for both driver and passenger.

Metrocab interior
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The Environment

As pollution levels rise over major cities, governments are looking to more energy efficient, low emission, modes of transport.
The new Metrocab boasts an incredible environmental record, exceeding current standards. Metrocab can operate with zero emissions, giving it a range of well over 50 miles on its battery pack only.
In Range Extender low-emission mode, the new Metrocab produces less than 50g/km of CO2 – significantly better than any other vehicle in the market.
Performance figures that entitles Metrocab owners to a wide range of tax breaks and government grants.

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FAQ for Cabbies

Metrocab staff have engaged in a Q&A sessions on taxi driver forums and discussion boards. We have now summarised some of the answers given.
As there is still unreleased information, we hope this 'FAQ for Cabbies' helps interested drivers get a better understanding of our vehicle and programme.

Metrocab interior
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Metrocab specifications

Vehicle Dimensions
  • Overall length: 4,905mm
  • Overall width: 1,800mm
  • Overall height: 1,925mm
  • Wheelbase: 3,181mm
Vehicle Weight
  • Overall length: 4,905mm
  • Gross: 2,515kg
  • Kerb: 1,750kg
  • Top speed: 80mph (Restricted)
  • Max gradient: 1:3
  • Emissions: <50g/km CO2
  • Turning circle: 7.62m
  • Regenerative braking
  • Peak motor power: 2 x 50kW
  • Peak wheel torque: 2 x 1,400Nm
Range extender
  • 1 litre petrol range-extender engine coupled to generator unit
  • Fuel efficient urban and highway generating modes
  • Meets Euro 5 emission standards
Battery System
  • Lithium-ion polymer large format cells
  • Stored capacity: 12.2kWh
  • 3kW on board charging
  • Driver multi-function touch screen display and instrument cluster with colour display
  • Passenger colour display
  • USB charging socket
  • Digital infotainment system
  • Hands free telephone
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • 3-seater rear bench seat - fore/aft adjustable for more luggage space when required
  • 3 rear facing flip down seats
  • 1 optional front passenger seat
  • Full wheelchair access with wheelchair ramp
  • Panoramic glass roof
  • Air suspension

Specifications correct at the time of publication. Metrocab policy is one of continuous product development. The right is reserved to change specifcations at any time. E&OE

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