Which Porsche Cayman Years to Avoid and Why?

When it comes to buying a Porsche Cayman, you want to make sure you’re getting a car that is reliable and built with quality materials. But some years are better than others, so it’s important to know which ones to avoid.

Quick Answer: If possible avoid Porsche 2006-2009 model years

Here’s what you need to know about which years of the Porsche Cayman are best—and which ones should be avoided.

Porsche Cayman Years to Avoid and Choose

First Generation (2006-2008): These first generation models have been known for their reliability and performance.

The biggest issue with these cars has been the fact that they were not designed with the most up-to-date technology, meaning that parts can be harder to find or more expensive than newer models.

Additionally, these cars may lack some of the features found in later versions like adaptive cruise control or lane departure warning systems.

Second Generation (2009-2012): The second generation of the Porsche Cayman was an improvement over its predecessor in terms of safety, comfort, and overall performance.

However, many buyers report issues with premature wear on interior components and electrical problems such as faulty door locks and windows.

Additionally, there have been reports of transmission issues with certain model years from this generation.

Third Generation (2013-Present): The third generation of the Porsche Cayman has seen vast improvements over its predecessors in terms of performance, technology, safety features, and reliability.

This makes it one of the best options for those looking for a reliable sports car that won’t break the bank.

However, some owners have reported issues related to infotainment system glitches as well as minor trouble codes related to emission control systems on certain model years from this generation.

Which Model Year Cayman to Buy?

Each generation has little issues. No Porsche Cayman model year should be avoided.

The 2009–2012 Cayman is the greatest choice for a fun-to-drive daily.

Due to infrequent major faults, the 2006–2009 Cayman model years rank second. This car is exciting and suitable for a small family.

Third-generation Caymans are unibody Boxters. If you love cars, it’s okay, but there are better options.

Looking for a Used Porsche Cayman? Read Carefully

Cayman debuted in 2006. There are better and worse model years, but no poor years.

DFI engines distinguish the second-gen Cayman from the first. The engine has greater horsepower and doesn’t suffer from oil hunger like the first-gen Cayman.

The maintenance record is the most important component besides the normal. Some owners make corners because dealer maintenance is so expensive. However, a well-maintained Cayman is reliable.

Talking to a Porsche mechanic about a pre-purchase inspection will prevent major issues later on. Some of these cars have been extensively modified and tracked, which could suggest nothing or that they are “time bombs” that could break down at any time.

Should You Buy a Used Porsche Cayman?

Cayman has no flaws. Unlike other sports cars, the Cayman is comfortable and a driver’s car.

The finest Cayman years—2009–2012—are increasingly fewer. Any other model year, basic or S, will make you smile.

Avoid early automatic Caymans since they’re less fun to drive. You’re fine otherwise!


Overall, buying a used Porsche Cayman can be a great investment if you do your research beforehand and know which model year is right for you.

While all generations come with their own set of pros and cons, many buyers agree that avoiding first-generation models is advisable due to their lack of technology while steering clear from second-generation models due to reports of premature wear on interior components and electrical issues.

Third-generation models are generally considered the most reliable option but should still be checked thoroughly before purchase for any infotainment system glitches or emission control system trouble codes that could indicate underlying problems down the line.

For those looking for a reliable sports car at an affordable price point without sacrificing quality or performance, any third-generation Porsche Cayman is sure to fit the bill!